Your Aadhaar is more secure than before, if someone misuses it, you will know immediately


Business News Desk,You must have often heard the news of fraud related to Aadhaar card. But now it will not be easy to do so. Actually, fingerprint based Aadhaar verification has been started by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This new system has been introduced to make Aadhaar verification more secure. Now if someone misuses your Aadhaar card, you will come to know about it immediately.

Mechanism based payment system will be strengthened
This mechanism, which is fully in the system, will strengthen the based payment system. Also, efforts to misuse Aadhaar by criminal elements will be curbed. Its use is likely to be more in the banking and financial, telecommunication and government sectors. Using AI and Machine Learning (ML) based security system ‘Finger Grain and Fingerprint Image Matching’ for verification of the fingerprints entered. UIDAI announces new security system for stronger fingerprint based ‘Aadhaar’ verification Said in a statement that ‘this will make Aadhaar verification more robust and secure’. Investigation is being increased to confirm the veracity, so that the possibility of forgery can be further reduced.

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