Why is the gas cylinder of red colour, you will be shocked to know the reason


Business News Desk,Every color has importance in our life. The color of many things always remains the same. If we talk about LPG Cylinder then its color is also always red, but have we ever thought why this happens. You get to see cylinders in every house. There is a very important reason behind its red colour. Let us tell you today why the last domestic LPG cylinder is red in colour.

Why is the color of LPG cylinder red?
LPG gas is used not only in India but in many countries and you must have seen that the color of LPG cylinder is red. There is a very important reason behind it being red. LPG gas is highly inflammable, which means it has the highest potential to catch fire and hence pose a hazard.

Know what is the logic of science?
According to science, red color is a sign of danger, so LPG cylinder is always of red colour. So that people should be careful while using LPG cylinder so that there is no major accident and let us tell you that the color of each gas cylinder is different. Helium gas cylinders are brown in colour. At the same time, the color of carbon dioxide gas cylinder is gray and the color of nitrous oxide gas cylinder is blue, so LPG gas cylinder has been kept in red color so that it can be easily identified and about different gas cylinders. Only you can know. watching them. ,

Why are LPG cylinders used?
Before the use of LPG cylinder, many people used to use the stove. Due to the burning of wood in the stove, a lot of smoke used to come out and due to this, many people also got lung related diseases, then when science discovered LPG gas, people started using it in their homes. LPG cylinder not only reduces pollution but also has many benefits.

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