Who is Jayanti Chauhan who turned down the business of 7000 crores? discussions going on everywhere


Business News Desk, Discussions are in full swing for the acquisition of bottled water giant Bisleri International. Bisleri International was in talks with the Tata group. But the deal is not done yet. The Tata-Bisleri deal could not be finalized due to a difference of opinion on the company’s valuation. The Tata group wanted a controlling stake in Bisleri. The owner of Bisleri is demanding $1 billion, but the Tata group has not agreed to the valuation. Bloomberg reported that representatives of both companies declined to comment.

Now we tell you why there was a need to sell such a big and consistently profitable company. The reason for this is Jayanti Chauhan. Jayanthi Chauhan is the only daughter of Bisleri International owner Ramesh Chauhan. Jayanthi refused to run this business, after which the deal came to light.

First of all, let us introduce you to Ramesh Chauhan, Ramesh Chauhan has been working in the beverage sector for decades. He was instrumental in establishing brands like Thums Up, Gold Spot and Limca in India. He was in touch with several business houses to sell his beloved company, which had made a profit of over Rs 200 crore in FY2023. The company has been extremely profitable in the last two years. It earned 95 crores in 2021 and 100 crores in 2020. This is the reason that people’s interest in buying the company increased. Tata Consumer Products Limited was at the forefront of this acquisition.

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