What is ‘pump and dump scheme’? Due to this, Arshad Warsi was banned from the stock market.


Business News Desk,SEBI has barred 45 entities, including actor Arshad Warsi, his wife Maria Goretti and promoters of Sadhna Broadcast, from trading in the securities market. The regulator has taken this step in the matter of posting misleading videos on YouTube channel suggesting investors to buy shares of the company. At the same time, this whole matter is a pump and dump scheme. Most of the people in India would not know about it.

Pump And Dump Scheme
Arshad Warsi’s name has appeared in Pump And Dump Scheme. Pump and Dump Scheme means that when the shareholder of a company increases the share prices by stock operators or other wrong methods and then earns profits by selling the shares. In this, the stock is shown to be rising in a wrong way, due to which other investors also start investing in the shares of those companies. At the same time, suddenly the shareholders sell their holdings. Due to which the share prices fall and due to this other investors have to face a lot of loss.

Share Market
Arshad Warsi’s case is related to posting misleading videos on YouTube channel. In these videos Sadhna Broadcast Ltd. and Sharpline Broadcast Ltd. It was advised to buy shares of Apart from the Warsi couple, SEBI has also barred some of the promoters of Sadhna Broadcast from trading in the securities market.

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