Valentine’s Day 2023 Indian youth using ChatGPT for love letter


Tech News Desk – AI Tool ChatGPT has made a name for itself all over the world. It is being said that due to the arrival of ChatGPT, dark clouds are hovering over the future of Google. ChatGPT can answer any question you have within seconds and even write an application for you. ChatGPT has tight hands in Hindi but in English it is giving very accurate results. Till a few days back all the college students were using ChatGPT to make notes and now it is being used to make Valentines special.

If you are also a woman and you get a heart touching love letter, then understand that it is not the work of your lover, but of ChatGPT. Yes, you must be feeling a bit strange after reading this, but you will be surprised to know that on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, Indian youth are writing love letters from ChatGPT. Security company McAfee has claimed this in one of its reports. The report states that more than 60 percent of Indians are planning to write love letters on the occasion of Valentine with the help of ChatGPT. Apart from Indians, youth from 8 other countries are also in the list of people using AI tool ChatGPT to write love letters.

McAfee has released a report titled ‘Modern Love’. A survey was done for this report in which 5000 people from 8 countries other than India participated. Of these, 62 per cent Indians said they would take advantage of ChatGPT for love letters. The report also said that while 27 per cent people felt that they would feel more confident after taking ChatGPT’s help for letters, 49 per cent expressed disappointment on receiving love letters written by ChatGPT.

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