This is the intention of the government on the old pension scheme, it has been revealed, it will be affected


Business News Desk,These days there is a lot of discussion about the old pension scheme. Many states have adopted the old pension scheme. At the same time, people of other states are also pressurizing the governments to re-adopt the old pension scheme. Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh government has broken the silence on the intention of re-implementing the old pension scheme. In response to the question of implementing the old pension scheme through the Samajwadi Party, the government has said that it has no plans to reconsider the implementation of the existing new pension scheme.

pension scheme
The UP government said that the Samajwadi Party was in power in the state when the NPS was implemented. SP members said that the state government was misled into believing that the scheme would be beneficial. Minister of State for Health Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh said that so far 5.95 lakh government employees and 3.5 lakh teachers have been registered under the scheme and Rs 28,536 crore and Rs 14,262 crore have been paid so far respectively. deposited in their accounts.

Applicable in many states
The Minister of State for Health said that it is not possible to end this scheme, nor is the government considering it. SP MLC Man Singh Yadav then mentioned several states which have withdrawn the scheme due to protests by the employees. These include Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh, while the Punjab government has announced it and West Bengal has not even implemented it.

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