This ‘Chhotu’ cooler is being sold indiscriminately before the start of summer, Shimla-like coolness will be found in one liter of water


Tech News Desk – Slowly the winters are going away and the hot summers are starting. It is getting hot now in the afternoon. Humid heat will come in the morning and night as well in some days. People have now started packing heaters and getting AC-coolers serviced. As the heat increases, the prices of AC-coolers increase. In such a situation, we wait when the online sale will start and the expensive coolers will be cheap. In this case it is better to buy in advance. Such a small cooler is being sold on Flipkart, which consumes less electricity and gives Shimla-like coolness in minutes. Let’s know about it.

The Dresszone 3.99 L Room/Personal Air Cooler is a portable cooler that comes with a stylish design. It can be placed on the table in the kitchen, office desk or at bedtime in the bedroom. The special thing is that it consumes less electricity and gives strong air. It looks like a small box, but in terms of giving air, it beats even the big coolers.

Dresszon 3.99 L Room/Personal Air Cooler can also be operated with the help of USB. There are three modes available in it, one is low, the second is medium and the third is high mode. High mode is used when there are more than 2 people in the room. The launch price of Dresszone 3.99 L Room/Personal Air Cooler is Rs.2,099, but it can be bought for Rs.1,799 during the Flipkart sale. It has a storage of around 3.99 litres. The height of this cooler is only 16 cm and the weight is also very light.

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