These extensions will work like a magic wand in Google Chrome browser! Do you know their features


Tech News Desk – The popularity of Google Chrome is not hidden from anyone. At the same time, these days the features of ChatGPT are being included on many platforms including Microsoft. It is an OpenAI platform and ChatGPT includes many features. Today we are going to tell about some special extensions of Chrome browser, which come with ChatGPT’s advanced AI.

ChatGPT Writer is available for Chrome
The free extension for Chrome browser allows users to send and reply emails in a smart way. Some reply and email suggestions will appear, out of which the user can select one option and send it. According to the developers, these tools will work much better than the tools available on other websites. As soon as users click on the reply option of the email, an icon of ChatGPT Writer will appear, which will say Next. On clicking, users will get a suggestion of some text, which can be selected and compose the mail faster.

ChatGPT for Search Engine Extension
The ChatGPT for search engine extension, available on the Chrome Web Store, will show some searches on the right in addition to the search results, which can read the contents of any webpage without looking at them.

Benefits of YouTube Summary with ChatGPT
This extension that works with YouTube will prove to be very useful and users can also see the words spoken during the video in the text. This will show the transcript in abbreviated format. It is very easy to use it.

Features of Merlin – OpenAI GPT
Users can save themselves the hassle of typing their online messages by using Merlin – the OpenAI GPT-powered assistant Chrome extension. This extension supports many websites including Search Engine, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Sheets. To do this, select the content, then use the Ctrl + M (Windows) and CMD + M (Mac) commands. By doing this, you can create a concise format for replies, email composes, and several long paragraphs.

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