Supreme Court judge said this on Artificial Intelligence, you must also know


Tech News Desk – Ever since the time Artificial Intelligence tools have come in the market, since then they have been a topic of constant discussion and there is a fear of job loss in the minds of employed people. In fact, OpenAI’s chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ has created a sensation in the market as it is able to complete all these tasks very fast in a matter of seconds. The work that companies usually hire people to do, this chatbot can do in a few minutes. I am completing. In such a situation, the fear of losing the job has set in everyone’s mind. If you have ever had such a thought in your mind, then today you must read the things said by Supreme Court Judge Hima Kohli.

Supreme Court Judge Hima Kohli explained many advantages of Artificial Intelligence and said that people should not be afraid of it at all because with the help of this tool they can improve their work. Hima Kohli said that people should not look at AI tools as a threat but as an opportunity. After the introduction of AI tools, not only common people but also lawyers are scared that it may cause problems in their profession.

Not at all, the judge said, as AI tools can greatly assist in routine work and legal research and identify patterns that can lead to better results. Technology kept everything running during Kovid. In such a situation, it is not wise to be afraid of it. He said that AI tools can prove to be very helpful not only in the field of advocacy but also in other places.

The Supreme Court judge said that there is no limit to development because there is no limit to human intelligence and imagination. Those who are afraid of AI should think that AI tools like ‘Chat GPT’ are also created by humans. With the help of technology man can make work efficient and productive. Hima Kohli said that AI tools are not a threat to one’s profession in any way, rather they can truly make one’s work better and more comfortable.

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