Superpower of Hanuman ji’s power and technology, this is how Made In India will fly


Tech News Desk – Several Made in India aircraft and other models are on display at the five-day Aero India 2023. The 5th generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft, LCA Mark 2, Naval Twin Engine Deck based fighter jets equipped with indigenous technology are also present here. These are all futuristic aircraft which will strengthen the Indian defense sector in times to come. HLFT-42 aircraft: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has showcased the HLFT-42 full scale model of the supersonic trainer jet at the Aero India Show.

It has a picture of Hanuman ji on its rear and is equipped with modern avionics such as Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), Electronic Warfare (EW) suite and Fly By Wire Control (FBW) system with Infrared Search and Track (IRST). Light Combat Helicopter Prachanda: LCH Prachanda is an Indian multi-role, light attack helicopter, developed by HAL. This is the first attack helicopter that has landed in Siachen.

The helicopter is armed with a chin mounted gun, 68 mm rockets, HSLD bombs, air-to-air surface-to-air missiles, and can cut down enemies. Vidyut Rakshak: Developed by Indian Army officer Captain Rajprasad, also known as ‘Vidyut Rakshak’ Introduced in Aero India. Its specialty is that it works by connecting multiple generators at one place through a single system.

It is a completely indigenously developed system, which will be of great use to the defense force. Jet Pack: There is also a Made in India jet pack for soldiers to wear. It has been prepared by an Indian startup. This jet pack has been introduced at the ongoing Air Show in Bangalore. The Indian Army liked this model so much that it placed an order to buy 48 jet packs. These will be used by the jawans posted on the northern border.

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