RBI released this list regarding banks, bank branch will not open for 12 days next month


Business News Desk, We do our bank work tomorrow, tomorrow and leave it for tomorrow. The month of February is over today and the month of March is about to come. Let us tell you that if you also have to go to the bank next month, then you should complete all the work of your bank today itself, because banks will remain closed for 12 days in March (Bank Holidays List). There are many festivals including Holi in the month of March, due to which banks will remain closed.

12 days off
According to the list issued by the Reserve Bank, banks will remain closed for 12 days in the month of March. Many holidays are going to fall in March. March includes several holidays including Holi and Sri Rama Navami. Come, let us tell you when the bank will be closed-

When do banks close in March?
>> March 3- Mizoram’s banks will remain closed due to Mizoram Day
>> March 5 – Sunday
>> March 7- Holika Dahan
>> March 8- Holi
>> March 9- Bank closed due to Holi in Bihar
>> March 11- Second Saturday
>> March 12 – Sunday
>> March 19 – Sunday
>> March 22- First Navratri
>> March 25 – Fourth Saturday
>> March 26 – Sunday
>> March 30- Shri Ram Navami

work online
Banks will remain closed due to holidays in March and the bank has given the facility that people can do their work sitting at home through mobile net banking, but in such a situation you may face difficulty in withdrawing cash from ATM. So arrange cash before the holidays.

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