Now Type-C charging port will be available in iPhone, Android will not work in it, know why?


tech news desk, Premium smartphone brand Apple is also going to provide Type C charging port in its iPhone soon. But the special thing is that you will not be able to charge Apple’s iPhone with the Type-C charger found in Android. Yes, the company will keep its Type-C port and charging exclusive and provide custom integrated circuit (IC) interface. That is, this charger will be made in a special way, which will only charge Apple’s iPhone.

In fact, last year the European Union ordered Apple to bring USB C type charging port to its products soon. Apple has started providing Type-C charging port in MacBook and iPad. Now the company is going to bring it to the iPhone soon. A report published on Weibo states that Apple will bring a unique Type C charging port to the iPhone, which will have a different type of integrated circuit. In simple language, just understand that no other Type-C charger will be able to charge Apple’s phone. The main reason for the European Union to normalize Type-C port is to reduce e-waste and make Type-C a universal charger. Is. In such a situation, if the iPhone keeps its Type-C charger exclusive, then the iPhone user will have to buy a separate charger, which will increase e-waste.

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