Must do this smart work, this feature of Google Maps will help a lot if there is no network


Tech News Desk – Without internet, your smartphone is no longer smart and there is no guarantee when and where the internet will go down. Just imagine that you are on a journey. While traveling, you are planning your route using Google Maps and then suddenly there is a network problem on the way, how will you reach your destination? In such a situation, you may have to face a lot of problems. However, if you have already downloaded the offline map of your location showing intelligence, you can still benefit greatly.

Does google map work without internet?
Yes, you can use Google Maps even without an internet connection, but you only get limited features in it. Actually, Google Maps lets you download a map of a particular area and use it offline. This feature is called “Offline Maps”. This feature is very useful for traveling people. Your journey doesn’t stop even if you have limited or no internet connectivity while on the go. Once the map is downloaded, you can access it without an Internet connection, but you won’t be able to use some features like searching for a location and traffic information.

How to use Google Maps offline?
To use Google Maps offline, you must pre-download maps for the areas you want to use while you are connected to the Internet. how to do this:
First download Google Maps on your device and open the app.
Now click on your profile icon at the top.
Click on Offline Maps.
Now select the region you want to download. Area

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