More employees need to come to work now: Wipro chairman


Business News Desk, The scene of devastation that the world saw during the Corona period (Covid-19) has not gone away from people’s mind even today. People’s work continued, so many companies had allowed their employees to work from home. Many companies have made it a part of their functioning. Giving work from home facilitated some things to both the company and the employee, but now gradually many companies are eliminating the work-from-home facility. Meanwhile, the statement of Rishad Premji, chairman of the country’s giant company Wipro, has come. Rishad Premji, chairman of information technology giant Wipro, said on Wednesday that now more and more employees need to come to work instead of working from home.

Wipro’s chairman gave a statement

Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji said that by coming to work in the office, the interaction and interaction of the employees increases, which is very important for humans. He said that no technology can take its place. Addressing a program, Premji said that no matter how modern technology is, it cannot connect people. I think we should return to office.

These people can be pricked

Most of the employees doing work-from-home will not like this talk of the chairman of Wipro. However, he also accepted that hybrid i.e. mixed way of working from home and office will be seen a lot in future. He said that technology is the sector where people are enjoying this way of working the most. Premji said that people should have the facility to work from home but they should also come to the office.

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