March 31 is a special date, you should also finish this important work, otherwise you will not get tax exemption!


Business News Desk, The month of March is very important for everyone. The financial year ends in March, so accordingly this month is important for everyone in terms of money. If you also want to save tax, then you will have to complete many tasks before March 31.

PM Vaya Vandana Yojana
If you are also thinking of investing money in this government scheme, then this is your last chance. This scheme is very beneficial for people of 60 years. In this, pension is received from the government. The government has told that this scheme will end after March 31, 2023, so you can invest in it in the month of March. At present, no notification has been issued by the government to continue this scheme.

link pan with aadhaar
You have a chance to link PAN with Aadhaar only till March 31. Please tell that for this you will have to pay late fee, but you should link it by 31st otherwise you will not be able to pay income tax.

last chance for tax planning
Let us tell you that you have the last chance to plan to save tax in the financial year. After this, if you invest in any tax saving scheme, then you will not get the benefit of deduction on it. You can invest money in many schemes like PPF, NPS, Sukanya Samriddhi.

invest in insurance policy
Let us tell you that the LIC policy with an annual premium of more than Rs 5 lakh will no longer get the benefit of tax exemption. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had informed about this in the budget. Explain that this rule will be applicable from 1 April 2023.

mutual fund scheme
If you have not yet made nomination in the mutual fund scheme, then you should also complete this work by 31st March. The fund house has asked all investors to update it. If you do not make the nomination, your mutual fund folio will be frozen, so you should complete this work by March 31.

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