Government issued new traffic rules, traffic police will not be able to stop your car


Business News Desk,If you drive a car and live in Mumbai, then this news is of use to you. Recently, the Maharashtra government had issued new rules related to traffic. According to these rules, the traffic police will not be able to harass you by stopping you unnecessarily. Apart from this, the permission to check the vehicle will also not be with the traffic police. An order has also been issued for this. The circular issued by the Commissioner of Police has been issued to the traffic department.

Traffic can be monitored at the block
According to the circular, the traffic policemen will not check the vehicles. Especially where there is a check naka, only traffic monitoring can be done there. Also pay attention to whether the traffic is running normally or not. The traffic police can stop a vehicle only if it is not affecting the movement of traffic in any way. Actually, many times the traffic police stop the vehicles anywhere on the basis of suspicion and start checking inside the boot and the vehicle. This affects the traffic on the road.

What was said in the circular?
In the circular issued to the traffic police, it has been said that the checking of vehicles has been asked to stop, the reason for this is that the traffic on the roads is continuously increasing. In such a situation, the traffic police have been asked to give priority to monitoring the movement of vehicles. It was said in the circular that if the drivers are violating the traffic rules, then the traffic police can challan them under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act.

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