Good news for crores of customers who invest in PPF, the government is giving this big benefit


Business News DeskPPF facility is provided to the customers by the Central Government. If you have also invested money in PPF scheme or are planning to invest in the next financial plan, then there is good news for you. Good news is coming out from the Central Government regarding the Public Provident Fund Scheme. You are getting many benefits in this scheme.

invest money before 31 march
If you also want to save tax before March 31, then you have to invest before March 5. This is because if you invest in PPF between 1 to 5 then you get the interest for that month. Apart from this, if you invest money elsewhere, then you should invest before 5th. Let us tell you how savings can be made by investing. How can you save by investing in PPF?

What are the rules for investing in Public Provident Fund PPF?
This is especially for employed people. You can invest in PPF before 5th of every month. You also get up to 7.1 percent interest in this scheme. In this scheme, after calculating your deposit money, money is deposited in the account on the last date of the month and if you want the money to remain in your account on the last date of the month, then for that you have to deposit money from 5th in the first account. If you are able to deposit money after 5 then you may suffer loss.

Some special features of PPF scheme-
1. You can invest in this scheme for up to 15 years.
2. In this you also get interest of up to 7.1 percent.
3. In this, you get tax exemption of up to 1.50 lakhs.

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