Good news for BGMI fans, New State Mobile is going to get a big update, know everything


Tech News Desk – New State Mobile February Update: Craften knows what the fans want in a battle royale game. This is the reason why he keeps adding new content by updating the game from time to time. Crafton is about to release a new update for its futuristic battle royale game New State Mobile. Crafton had earlier teased a new map for the New State mobile game. This map is to be found with the new update of the game. Crafton has also organized a contest for the map, announcing some gifts for fans to name the map correctly. Here we are giving you the update information of New State Mobile.

New February Update for PUBG: New State Mobile
Round Deathmatch: The round death match in PUBG New State is based on 4v4 round base mode. Once a player is eliminated, he or she will not be able to re-enter the match as was previously the case in Deathmatch. The team whose players survive till the end of each round will win the match. The team will have to perform at its best in the seven series.

Survivor Pass Vol.4: With the new update, players can also win a variety of in-game Survivor Passes. With these Survivor Passes, players can complete a series of faction-based missions. This mission is based on Doug Bikeway’s Arm Dealing Faction of New Stout Moby.

new weapons MP5K and Crossbow: The new update includes the MP5K 9mm-based SMG that comes with a variety of attachments to manage recoil. The Crossbow, on the other hand, is a long-range silent gun, available as a field drop in the Troi and Erangel 2052 maps.

New Weapon Customizations: With the new update, the M249 weapon can be customized, so a new armor can be added to it. It protects against damage caused by enemy firing.

Clan System Adjustments:In the new update, recommended clans will now be able to play Clan Master Nationality matches. Clan Masters will now be able to set their own Clan Emblem with a variety of symbols, backgrounds and colors. Along with this, many options have also been added to it.

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