Girlfriend- If you don’t have a boyfriend, then this AI Chatbot can become your partner, talks like a real person


tech news desk, Valentine week is going on. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Many couples are enjoying this week, while many people are still single. People are afraid to propose a girl or a boy. However, he needs a partner in his life with whom he can speak his mind. It may or may not be possible for people to find a partner in the real world, but now it is possible in the virtual world. Many AI chatbot girlfriends and boyfriends have arrived in the internet world. According to a report by Business Insider, many people have expressed their feelings for AI chatbots. People have said that they have fallen in love with AI chatbots. Technology has advanced so much that people are creating both virtual girlfriends and boyfriends. Here we are telling you about some virtual girlfriends and some virtual boyfriends.

Virtual and AI girlfriends

Laura: Laura can answer your questions. Laura can converse in several languages, including Russian, Spanish and French. You can search it on Google with Laura AI keyword.
My Virtual Manga Girl: In this app you can change your girlfriend’s hair, eyes, clothes and background. The virtual lady in it also dances and sings. In this, 3D animation can also be rotated.
Smart Virtual Girlfriend: This virtual girlfriend is very smart. On talking to it, it seems that you are talking to an intelligent girl.
My Virtual Girlfriend Julie: Like a real girl, Julie expresses many emotions like anger, love, and disdain, making it seem like a real girl is having a conversation.
Replika: It is an AI chatbot. Many people have claimed to love Replica. With Replica, you can create a friend, brother or partner of your choice. Replica has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide.
Virtual and AI boyfriend

My Virtual Boyfriend Free: This is a fun and flirty virtual boyfriend app. In this app girls can make boyfriend of their choice. You can talk to your virtual boyfriend in the app. She can also slap him, give gifts and get him new clothes.
Anima: It’s an AI boyfriend. It can talk to you. On talking it seems that there are feelings in it.
My Virtual Boyfriend Talk: This app has been one of the best virtual boyfriend apps of 2023. In this you can also talk to your virtual friend.
Smart Virtual Boyfriend: This app allows you to chat with an intelligent virtual boyfriend. It’s a virtual boyfriend app!

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