Father had found such a teacher for Mukesh Ambani, who used to do everything except teaching


Business News Desk,Adani’s shares have been witnessing a steady decline ever since the Hindenburg report came out. With this, Mukesh Ambani has again become the richest person in the country. The Ambani family often remains in discussion about one or the other topic. Recently Mukesh Ambani’s younger son Anant Ambani got engaged to Radhika Merchant. This news remained in headlines for a week. Let us tell you that Mukesh Ambani got the legacy from his father Dhirubhai Ambani, whom he has taken to the next level. You will be surprised to know that Dhirubhai Ambani had hired a teacher to teach Mukesh Ambani and very different criteria were kept for him. Father Dhirubhai Ambani had also given an advertisement in the newspaper for the search of Mukesh Ambani’s teacher.

Let us tell you that the teacher whom father Dhirubhai Ambani had found for Mukesh Ambani. He used to do all the work except teaching them. Dhirubhai Ambani said that his son should not be given only bookish knowledge, so when the founder of Reliance placed an advertisement, he was looking for a teacher who would not only teach bookish things.

Dhirubhai Ambani believed that his son needed a teacher who would focus more on things like general knowledge. After a lot of research, Mahendra Bhai was selected during a long interview. Mukesh Ambani himself had told how his teacher was searched. During Mukesh Ambani’s studies, more attention was paid to practical knowledge, bypassing his bookish knowledge. You would be surprised to know that Dhirubhai Ambani himself had studied till 10th standard but his thinking was very different from others. Mukesh Ambani often credits his father for his success.

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