Do this work before and after buying mobile, this is the formula to save money


Tech News Desk – Whenever we want to buy a new smartphone or say mobile, first of all we all turn to e-commerce sites Flipkart or Amazon. But do you know that there are many consumer electronics retail chains in the market who offer huge discounts on smartphones just like the e-commerce companies. It has also been seen many times that after discounting at these consumer electronic retail chains, the price of new mobiles is less than the price offered by e-commerce sites. Overall, it is not only e-commerce sites that offer customers great deals on smartphones, but great deals can also be found through these retail chains.

Keep these things in mind before buying a new phone
Whenever you people go to buy a new mobile phone, then tell that according to your budget, in whatever price range you are buying a new phone, compare the features of other handsets coming in the same range. Not only compare features but also check online reviews and also see if any of your acquaintances are well versed with gadgets then tell them your budget and decide to get a new phone after getting the information.

Must do this work after buying a smartphone
Even if your mobile data runs out before the end of the day, requiring you to buy data vouchers separately, this extra cost can be well worth it. For the information of the people, let us tell you that before reducing the expenditure, you have to keep in mind that you have to keep an eye on the data usage. One way to keep an eye on data usage is that there are many mobile apps that keep refreshing the content in the background or auto-update.

This is the reason that the data is used unnecessarily and the data ends before the end of the day. After getting a new mobile phone, go to the setting of the phone and disable or say turn off the background data of all the apps one by one. By doing this, not only will your data be saved, but the hassle of buying your data vouchers will end, which means direct money will be saved.

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