Completed the work by sleeping in the office, yet the company laid off


Business News Desk, Ever since billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter, this social media company has also been in constant discussion. Since the buyout of Musk in October last year, there have been frequent layoffs at Twitter. Now Twitter has again fired 50 people, which is getting a lot of headlines.

this picture went viral
In fact, Musk had talked about making massive changes after buying Twitter. For this, he created a new circle of executives who were working on the new Twitter. Esther Crawford was added to this circle, who was made the new head of Twitter Blue. Crawford came into the limelight a few days after Musk bought the company. Actually one of his pictures went viral. In that picture, Crawford was seen sleeping in a sleeping bag in the office itself.

Crawford had these tasks
This time, the reason for gathering a lot of discussion about the retrenchment of 50 employees is actually the retrenchment of Crawford. The officer who slept there to complete the office work, has now been shown the way out by the company. According to reports, Crawford was responsible for Twitter Blue as well as Twitter Payments, which was being considered as a new source of revenue for the social media company.

full product team out
It is being told that Elon Musk has thrown out the entire product team this weekend. Apart from this, many other people are also being feared to be shown the way out. This is because many employees have lost access to the internal communication platform Slack.

So far so many employees have been fired
This latest layoff at Twitter comes at a time when Elon Musk promised that he would not lay off more people. The company has so far fired about 75 percent of its employees and now Twitter has only about 2000 employees left. When Elon Musk bought Twitter, about 7000 people were working with the company.

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