Big update for HDFC account holders, data leaked! Bank’s statement came to the fore


Business News Desk – If you also have an account in HDFC Bank, then definitely read this news. The cases of cyber fraud are continuously increasing in the country. Meanwhile, there has been news of data leakage of HDFC Bank account holders. For the last few days, reports are claiming that the data of 6 lakh customers of the bank has been leaked on the dark web. It is being claimed in the report that the personal information of the customers has been leaked.

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People upset after the report came
The customer information has been posted on a popular cybercriminal forum. People are very upset after the news related to this came out. It has been claimed in the report that cyber criminals have leaked data related to the name, e-mail, address and mobile number of the account holders. The leaked data of 6 lakh people has been put on the dark web.

hdfc bank statement
A statement has also come from HDFC Bank on this whole matter. The bank has denied any such claim by tweeting from the official Twitter account. It was said on behalf of the bank that no data of HDFC Bank has been leaked. It was also told by the bank that no wrong access has been done in our system. Customer data is completely secure. The bank also wrote that the banking ecosystem is being fully monitored. Data security is primary for us. The bank has completely rejected such claims.

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