Be a little kid this Valentine’s Week! ‘Pooja’ will talk about dating apps, ‘Ravi’ will take away the money


Tech News Desk – Valentine’s Week is going on and tomorrow Valentine’s Day will be celebrated. On this day people express their love by giving gifts to their partners. But those who are single use online dating apps to find partners. Those who are looking for a partner need to be careful. This is because many scammers can empty your bank account in the name of online dating. Trapped in the trap of love, they not only steal money but also steal personal information. Single guys are the target of scammers. They create fake profiles. Like the girl’s photo and name. They are trying to loot money by chatting with boys. In such a situation, if you do chatting then it is important to take care of some things.

This is the most dangerous scam. In this scam, the scammer creates a fake profile using someone else’s photo and personal information. Then slowly befriends you and tries to steal money or personal information from you. It will not ask you for quick money. By taking you into confidence or say that after making a firm friendship, they will make you their victim.

phishing scams
The scammer will send an email or message to conduct a phishing scam. It may also contain malware infected website which can be used to steal your sensitive information.

malware scam
While talking on dating apps, the scammer shares this type of link during chatting. On clicking on which all your personal information will reach it.

beware of video calls
Avoid video calling whenever you are talking to a stranger on a dating app. It may be that there is a scammer in front and morph your video and put it somewhere which makes you worry.

Before chatting, check other social media platforms of the other person.
If you are using an online dating app to find a partner and you find a match, verify it thoroughly first. Check the social media platform of the person in front. Apart from this, choose the dating app which has got a good rating on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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