Announcement of Nitin Gadkari, there has been a big change in the rules of toll tax! Made fun of the people walking on the highway


Business News Desk, The relationship between vehicle and toll is like food and vegetables, both go hand in hand. Nowadays if we go on long drive then somewhere we have to pay toll tax. Today we have big news for the pedestrians on the highway. If you also travel on the highway and are worried about toll tax, then now your worries can be reduced. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has made a big announcement regarding toll tax, due to which crores of vehicle owners will be affected. The Union Minister has told that before the year 2024, 26 green expressways will be built in India and also new rules will be issued for toll tax.

technology will also change
After the construction of Green Expressway, India will be at par with America in terms of roads. Along with this, the Union Minister told that there will be a big change in the rules and techniques of collecting toll tax.

Government can make 2 methods for recovery of toll tax
Government is planning to give 2 options for toll collection in coming days. The first option is to install GPS system in cars. Whereas, the second method is related to the latest number plate. Currently planning is going on for this.

there is no punishment
There is no provision of any punishment for non-payment of toll tax. Its Union Minister has said that in the coming days the focus will also be on the use of technology to collect toll tax.

Money will be deducted directly from the account
Nitin Gadkari has further said that till now there is no provision of punishment for non-payment of toll, but preparations are on to bring the bill regarding toll. Now toll tax will be deducted directly from your bank account. No separate action will be taken for this. Nitin Gadkari told that now toll tax will not have to be paid, the amount will be deducted directly from your account. Apart from this, the Union Minister said, ‘In 2019, we had made a rule that cars would come with company fitted number plates. That’s why the number plates of vehicles that have come in the last four years are different.

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