Action will now be taken against agencies and delivery men under this act for giving less supply of gas in LPG cylinders


Business News Desk,After continuous complaints of less supply of gas in LPG cylinders, the investigation of gas agencies has started in different parts of the country. Surprise checks of many gas agencies are also being done in Delhi-NCR. Explain that legal action under the Essential Commodities Act has now started with the company’s guidelines for supplying gas to the consumers by the delivery man in connivance with the gas agency. Last week in Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR, DM Rakesh On receiving complaints about short supply of gas in LPG cylinders, Kumar Singh formed different teams and got the gas agencies investigated. In this investigation, four teams of Regional Food Officers and Measurement Inspectors were formed and the gas agencies of Ghaziabad city were investigated. 17 gas agencies were inspected by these teams.

Action started on giving less gas in LPG gas cylinder
It may be noted that nowadays, at the time of gas delivery, it has been made mandatory for the consumers to inform the delivery man about the message received on their registered mobile number. Only after this the cylinder is available. However, this decision has nothing to do with getting less gas. But, if you are worried about the early end of the gas cylinder, then now your problem is going to go away. Now if the delivery man gives you less gas then you can immediately complain about it.

Action will also be taken under this law
The Modi government has implemented the Consumer Protection Act-2019 from the year 2020 itself. After the implementation of this act, if the consumer gets less gas then action will be taken against the gas agency and its license can also be canceled. Due to lack of awareness, many times consumers have to bear the brunt of less gas in the cylinder. Two to three kg of gas is being extracted from one cylinder. In such a situation, after the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act 2019, consumers have got many rights and facilities sitting at home.

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