386 trains will not run even today, more trains going to UP, Bihar, Bengal are canceled


Business News Desk,Passengers traveling by rail in Punjab, UP, Bihar and West Bengal should leave home today only after checking the status of their train. This is because Indian Railways has canceled 386 trains on Monday 13 February (Cancel Train list 13 Feb 2023). Most of the canceled trains were to run in these states. Trains to and from Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat have also been cancelled. According to the Indian Railways website, 344 trains have been completely canceled today. 46 trains have been partially cancelled. Apart from this, the timings of 14 trains have also been changed today. Railways also had to divert the route of 33 trains today. That is, these trains will not run on their scheduled routes today.

See train status like this
Indian Railways provides information about trains online. Information about canceled, partially canceled and route diverted trains is available on the website of Railways and IRCTC. Information about canceled trains can also be obtained on NTES app. Status of any train can be checked on railway website https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes or IRCTC website link https://www.irctchelp.in/cancelled-trains-list/#list2 . How to know train status from Indian Railways website.

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